Data storage designed for Eternity

If you want your data stored effectively forever:

  • Prepaid for centuries and millennia
  • With 99.999999999% data durability
  • Without user account to worry about
  • With funds secured by ledger database

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This project aimed to be super-long-term by design

Long-term but flexible

Designed for hundreds or thousands years of storage with free exposition day annually, more days can be ordered at any time.

Unlimited but cheap

Storage size is unlimited and counted in Gigabytes, price is as low as $100 for storage of 1GB of data for 1000 years.

Secure but simple

Access tokens are simple to use but impossible to forge, they are stored in ledger database with immutable transaction log.


Stored data are capable to self-finance by gaining one more year of storage for every paid exposition day, ordered by the site visistors.